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By Carlo Cocozza

''I strive for two things in design, simplicity and clarity. Great design is born of those tw0 things''

Lindon Leader
The following is not about what to do and what not to, the whats will always follow. This is about the components involved in constructing an effective and usable brand identity. Lets begin by establishing the involved parts:
Fonts: Consistent use of your font choice is very important. The typography doesn't need to be exactly the same font as in your logo. Find one or two that compliment your brand and ensure that is always being used when online and in print material. Whether it's sans serif or serif, there are so many choices out there. My go to websites for fonts are Dafont and Font Squriel.
Logo: The centrepiece of your brand. A representation of you or your company, everything should be in alignment with the
logo, the overall feel should be reflective of the design. If your logo is green then the elements, website and print should be predominately green.
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