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To design and develop graphics that are fully adaptable online and paper with ease.
From a logo to complete brand standards usage, every element provided is geared to look its absolute best when displayed.
Strong colour and proper typography on all images given. Every idea we put forth collectively will be explored until your project is ready for the world,
I am here to help carry that out.


Graphic Designer

I have been in the print and document solutions industry for 12 years, worked

with many different methods and changes in the workflow hub. During that time I have taken on independent projects, worked with good people, every experience has taught me something new on

how good business is conducted.

Studied graphic design at George Brown College in Toronto but my interest in art traces back to my early years.  So, now its a career...simply love this stuff, the process, the possibilities and the outcome. Feel like I’m constantly learning andthat’s always a good thing! 

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