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''I strive for two things in design, simplicity and clarity. Great design is born of those tw0 things''

Lindon Leader
When deciding which route to go when designing a logo or requesting your designer to create, there are many factors to consider on style. Either you can go very sleek and simple or complex and intricate.
The one clear answer when going simple, is the ability to be resized without loosing quality or key elements in the logo. A logo created in vector format (and should be done in Adobe Illustrator which produces vector) even if complex it won't loose completely, however smaller objects may be challenging for the eyes.
In this day and age, so much advertising is on social media which sometimes doesn't allow for a lot of space to place your logo, keeping it simple can help with both space and attention to the viewer.
Having a wordmark or icon associated with your logo is recommended, even an alternate colour versions by retaining the original look is a smart idea. Let's consider the environment as well, less parts equals less ink, which is nice for our planet. Some companies have re-branded based on this theory.
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